sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter

Eat Design


 Museum for Applied Arts/ Vienna/ AUT/


 installation for the permanent exhibition: designlab




 Rainald Franz/ Elisabeth Schuttermeier/ Harald Gruendl/ Lotte  Kristoferitsch


 Paul Wuensche


Why do we eat soup with a spoon, when we could drink it, too? Why do we sit on chairs and not on the floor when we eat? And why do we wear tight, uncomfortable clothing while doing so, and not aprons or bathrobes? The way we eat is not biologically predetermined, but rather molded by our culture.

The artists honey and bunny (Sonja Stummerer & Martin Hablesreiter) developed a work that toys with these very questions for the MAK DESIGN LAB. Short videos on two monitors are surrounded by place settings of a different kind.