sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter



 Vienna - Austria


 roof extension


 finished 2005


 2 rented apartments

 engineer: Brand & Partner
cooperators: Baumeister Pölz, Zimmerei Lux, Bauspenglerei Hörmansdorfer, Estrich Függer
Installationen Mayer, Elektro Prager, Bautischlerei Groiss, Trockenbau R & M Tüchler Schlosserei Haidbauer, Fliesen Ribarics, Tischlerei Hablesreiter, Maler Urbanovics

The conversion of an existing attic of a 100 years old tenement provides 2 new apartments (approx. 170sqm living space). Even tough the existing shape of the roof was not to be changed - except for dormers -, all rooms have full ceiling height. Areas with low height were altered either by flipping them open to large dormers or by converting them into surrounding terraces. The existing halation was integrated into the vestibule of the large apartment and by the means of a 3 per 2m opaque glass plate operates as a huge lighting fixture. The project deliberately uses a strong color code in order to strongly contrast with the historic building. The outer facades of the new structure are covered by blue, the negative volumes of the cut out terraces by red wooden panels.