sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter

Roof 1200


 Vienna - Austria


 roof extension


 finished 2007


 4 rented apartments

 engineer: Brand & Partner
cooperators: Baumeister Pölz, Zimmerei Lux, Bauspenglerei Hörmansdorfer, Estrich Függer
Installationen Mayer, Elektro Prager, Bautischlerei Groiss, Trockenbau R & M Tüchler
Schlosserei Haidbauer, Fliesen Ribarics, Tischlerei Hablesreiter, Maler Urbanovics

Light, Color and playing with the forms are the substantial parameters of the scheme of “roof 1200”. Differently sized dormers, playfully arranged glass areas and colorful front plates underline the “magical location” above the old and heavy building tradition of Vienna, while the uninspired grey of the past rules in the historic street canyons. With the project “roof 1200” we want to give an urbane scratch to the grey, we want to create a look-out for life.The roof extension built in the 20th District of Vienna contains four flats let for rent and was finished in December 2007. The location of the project allows perfect clear views over the roofs of Vienna, which we have supported with broad glazing and two terraces per flat.