sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter

Food Design 1


 2007 / Designforum Vienna/ Museumsquartier/ AUT // 2008 / Museum  Joanneum /   Graz / AUT // 2011 /  Forum Gastrosophie / Salzburg / AUT //  2012 / Klingenmuseum Solingen / Solingen / GER // 2013 /  Museum  August Kestner / Hannover / GER 




 from 8th Dec 2007 to 15th Feb 2008


 Designforum Vienna, No Frontiere Design Vienna

‘FOOD DESIGN  The Exhibition’ show the effects food design had and continues to have on daily consumption. It investigates the design of shape, color, odor, taste and consistence of provisions and relates their date of creation to the historical context of art, architecture and industrial design. The aim of the exhibition is to offer the visitor a completely new perspective on food.

During more than 3 years of research, the authors came to the conclusion that the concepts behind food design can be summarized into main categories. In keeping with these aspects the exhibition is organized into chapters.

The first room of the exhibition will give an introduction to the topic and show in a very sensual way, how we experience food, how we taste, smell and touch it. Different tables in the second room  focus on the origins of the forms and the designs of food. Following  9 main categories, the exhibition shows a wide range of practical, cultural, religious and psychological components which influence the way, food is designed.