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FOOD DESIGN --- academic course at New Design University St Pölten --- next course / AUTUMN 2018

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multimedia installation at Trapholt Museum / Denmark


Why do we eat soup with a spoon, when we could drink it, too? Why do we sit on chairs and not on the floor when we we eat? And why do we wear tight, uncomfortable clothing while doing so, and not aprons or bathrobes? The way we eat is not biologically predetermined, but rather molded by our culture. The artists honey and bunny (Sonja Stummerer & Martin Hablesreiter) developed a work that toys with these very questions for the group exhibition: EAT ME. Short videos on two monitors are surrounded by place settings of a different kind.


honey & bunny | PROJECTS


TUNA truth | TUNA lies --- a performance project for Valetta | MALTA, the European cultural capital 2018.


Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter of the art and design atelier Honey & Bunny bring contemporary ethical and sustainable food-sourcing issues to the public in edgy and provocative ways. The truths, untruths, half-truths and conspiracy theories that surround the Maltese and Mediterranean fishing industry inspired them to create the Tuna Lies I Tuna Truth project. This artistic performance is part theatre, part food experience, a pop culture mash-up that’s stitched together from fake news items that play with truth, rumour, lie, and identity to provoke open discussion. In the end, a public event will finally bring the whole truth about tuna to the public… Or will it? When it comes to tuna on the Maltese Islands, not all is as it seems...


CLEAN | design


Together with our photographers Ulrike Köb and Daisuke Akita we are working on our next book project: CLEANING. Once again we are dedicating ourselves to an everyday activity; we are thematising rituals, traditions, and conventions around design objects that go completely unnoticed. On the basis of the private, almost intimate, cleaning process we disclose social and political questions around equality, work migration, ecology and modern slavery.


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research & design project: SUSTAINABLE FOODDESIGN | please visit: | project partner: Beate Koller / ceo: Arche Noah

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