sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter

Eat body Design


 Museum Baerengasse/ Zuerich/ CH/


 participation/ group exhibition: Die Zukunft ist  unser/




 Senem Wicki/ Stephan Sigrist

eat | body | design is the collision of body and soul. Here, the most essential good / designer object for humankind’s survival, food and its cultural significance encounter each other. We consist of what we eat. Every molecule that is consumed remains part of the body for approximately seven years. With the choice of calories and food we design our bodies. In the past decades Body Design has become an essential issue in Western societies – and its importance is increasing. Yet there is nothing more symbolic, sacred, or cultural than food. Food is the morale. In this installation we work with body and soul, with old, new, and future myths that deal with the absorption of nature and its deformation to become culture. In the end, nature and culture come together in the human’s stomach.

©sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter / vienna 2014