sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter

SUSTAINABLE arrangement

cooperation: SOHO in Ottakring

location: Interspar Sandleitengasse; Vienna

date: June 2016

partners: Interspar, Soho, Global 2000, Luise Kollars


Those who went to the hypermarket “Interspar“ to do their shopping were faced with an unusual sight. On June 4th, 9th and 15th consumers, guests, and apprentices reorganised the supermarket. They took products out of shelves and, after consulting Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter, sorted them completely differently into a row of shelves near the shop entrance which had been prepared for this purpose. The groceries were ordered into a conventional supermarket shelf by the criteria water consumption, transport route and fairness.

Every supermarket visitor/consumer was welcome to join in. Every visitor/consumer changed the order of this “normal” supermarket according to parameters of ecological and social sustainability. Sonja & Martin had sustainability-balance-sheets listing several groceries. They suggested new organisational systems to their “helpers” and discussed the “new” sorting principles with the volunteers.

Not every product’s sustainability-data was available, but all foods were discussed, the origin of their ingredients was checked, transport routes were compared, seasonality was assessed, etc; and so a new place in a shelve was found. Spar Academy’s apprentices supported the team in this open sustainability-workshop. Many thanks to Luise Kollars, Benedikt Büllingen and Global 2000 for their help and supply of data.