sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter

food | RULES | design

Location:Victoria & Albert Museum London
Type:participation for the exhibition: Food: Bigger than the plate/ Video Installation


Curators:Catherine Flood, May Rosenthal Sloan
Videos:Sebastian Arlamovsky

For the international exhibition „food: bigger than the plate“ at Victoria & Albert Museum London, honey & bunny (Sonja Stummerer & Martin Hablesreiter) realize 4 food design Videos. All of them are done within the buildings of the museum. 

Beside the cultural history of food honey & bunny understand sustainability as the most important element of their work. They think, that culture hinders us to change our lifestyles to a future- and environment friendly one. The knowledge about climate change is not enough to stop it. We need to change culture and that is our job as designers! And yes, we can.

Sonja & Martin try to change eating habits – table manners, those cultural rules, which imprison us (from the very childhood) at every single meal. They want to create (humorous) sustainable table manners and show these ideas within the 5 videos.

At the beginning, honey & bunny “spit” an egg into the huge ceramic shelf of the V&A. Before, they had rearranged on part of the shelf. They have replaced yesterdays table culture (cups, plates,…) by todays packed industrialized food. Another video shows Sonja & Martin at a toilet, which was originally built for Queen Victoria. They do a sandwich operation. Sonja takes the meat out of a sandwich and implant cucumber. That is as difficult, as the real reduction of meat consumption. At the V&A you find the very first museum café, which has ever opened. At this historic monument, honey & bunny present their newly designed table manners. During afternoon tea they use the fat of ham, the crust of bread, the skin of cucumber for something else than food waste. They show elaborate (ironic) circular economy.