sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter

Future urban organism




 installation/ 2005


 Tom Hanslmaier, Hermann Seiwald, Christian Döringer


 Natascha Neulinger; editor: Birgit Obkircher; light: Bernhard Somera; music: Johannes

We consider urban space principally to be a living organism which moves and changes freely with fantastical movement. No piece of space, no material is rigid, instead the system is alive and functions as a whole, uncontrolled as an independent and free life form. Size, appearance, location or light are free and can be changed by the organism.

The city means diversity and evolution, and they serve as metaphors in this work to create a framework for a discussion about cultural development. With F.U.O, the city serves as an abstract means an image simultaneously which symbolizes both the diversity as well as evolutionary thought. The city itself lives; it has a consciousness it can make life for the urban dweller difficult or easy, and is in itself a significant part of the diversity.

The project F.U.O. takes into account two types of scenario development: the assumption of a halt to evolution within an urban society, and a conscious encouragement of this eternal, natural change. Therefore two completely different designs for a future city emerge similar to good and evil and face each other. Evolution is clearly a fundamental idea of our existence. The human being is (at least in our minds), the one thing which recognizes the natural law of mutation and attempts to work around it. Natural evolution is considered by humanity to be unpredictable and seems to evoke a kind of god-like aftertaste. The dream of manipulating DNA demonstrates the desire for a controlled evolution.

This damns us to complete mortality, then not only does our own body decompose and decay, but also the child, representing the further continuation of ourselves, and thus our own immortality, is denied if the mutation is removed.

Our child will never be just like us!