sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter

Food design - The film-


 documentary film (HD, 52 min)


 filmed 2007


 Nikolaus Geyrhalter Film

Co producer:

 ORF,ARTE France

 director: Martin Hablesreiter, DOP: Ludwig Löckinger, art director: Sonja Stummerer
executive producer: Roland Hablesreiter, first assistent camera: Oliver Schneider
lighting grip: Tomas Schindler, sound: Andreas Hamza, food styling: Akos Neuberger
script: Sonja Stummerer, Martin Hablesreiter, Roland Hablesreiter, Michael Seeber


The sound of sausage: When a bite produces a distinct crunch, they taste particularly good. Fish sticks, on the other hand, do not make such great noises, but they can be arranged nicely in the pan. And why tea biscuits must have precisely 52 notches is still not clear. The TV documentary Food Design shows how form, color, smell, consistency, the sounds made during eating, manufacturing technique, history and stories influence food design. Should foodstuffs be considered designer products in the same way as Armani suits, Alessi coffee cups and Ferraris. Of course! Food Design makes a case for a design discipline that has received little attention, inviting its audience to take part in a sensual journey through the wonderful world of food.