sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter

Food Design XL



 Springer Verlag Wien


 Ulrike Köb / / Ludwig Loeckinger

ISBN 13:

 978-3-211-99230-2 ; € 39.95



Why are pizzas round and fish sticks square?

“food design XL” analyzes how the design of foods is influenced by form, color, smell, consistency, chewing sounds, production technique, history and stories. More than a thousand times a year – before each meal – we cut, cook, stir or combine, that is to say deliberately change the edible gifts of nature. Our will to design food is what distinguishes us from all other living beings. Food design is thus nothing new but something the human race has been practicing for millennia.

This book traces the parameters constituting food design. Consumers expect food to be simple to produce and easy to transport, to fulfill various functions and to look good as well. “food design XL” makes the case for a discipline of design that has not received the attention it deserves to date.