sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter

Food tools


 Blacksmith Workshop „Stahl und Form“ Vienna


 eat art performance


 during Vienna Design Week 2011


 Tulga Beyerle und Lilli Hollein


A very fun and at times—sorry, but it has to be said—rather gross performance was part of Vienna Design Week: Sonja Stummerer, Martin Hablesreiter and Tom Hanslmaier of the Viennese architecture and design practice Honey & Bunny were preparing and serving food using the tools and machinery of industrial craftsman. Located in a workshop, the objective of the evening performance was to prepare a full meal and its accoutrements—including plates, cutlery and drinking glasses—all from scratch. Honey & Bunny‘s process involved fresh vegetables, a block of spam, cheese analogues and dough made from water and flour. The tools in use were blow torches, a make shift oven (combining a metal tube with a heat gun), a metal lathe, a table drill and a band saw.

The performance was fascinating and repulsive at the same time. Most members of the audience seemed rather pleased that tasting the meal was actually not compulsory. However, there were a few brave soles who did taste the meal once it was prepared. (Brit Leissler, core77)