sonja stummerer & martin hablesreiter
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taste design

You don’t eat what you like but what you’re told to like! You don’t find something disgusting intuitively but because you were told what to find disgusting. Your culture, your society, your status, your religion, your family, even the legal code ‚dictate’ what you may put in your mouth with relish, and what is to arouse disgust. Based on research and an experimental artistic approach, this project explores the configuration of taste and disgust.

taste design asks who defines taste, and why

taste design explores the deliberate configuration of pleasure and reluctance as related to food

Together with the photographers Ulrike Köb (Vienna) and Daisuke Akita (Tokyo) we aim at gaining an insight in the configuration of taste as related to food, we want to interpret this information and implement this knowledge in a beautiful photography book. Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter have already published three coffee-table books on issues related to food design, most recently „eat design“ with the Viennese publisher Metro Verlag.

taste design documents how, as cultural factors, taste and disgust affect our lives, and how they are more or less consciously configured. We explore in depth religious and regional reasons, lifestyle issues, sytems of order, as well as the possibility how – due to issues of taste – people are excluded from communities, or withdraw themselves. Sonja Stummerer is currently working on her thesis about Food Design and her academic insights and extensive studies will contribute to this project.